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The Tuina Treatment of Tennis Elbow

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Post time: 2009-04-27 14:31:56
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Chinese disease categorization: Tennis elbow is called zhou lao (elbow taxation); zhou tong (elbow pain); and shang jin (damaged sinews) in Chinese medicine.

Chinese disease causes: Taxation detriment with possible contraction of wind cold evils.

Chinese disease mechanisms: Overwork taxation causes detriment and damage to the sinews and vessels of the elbow. On the one hand, there is insufficient blood to nourish the sinews; on the other hand, there is blood stasis obstructing the free flow of the vessels. This may be complicated by external contraction of wind cold evils due to defensive qi vacuity.

Treatment principles: Soothe the sinews and free the flow of the network vessels; quicken the blood and transform stasis; regulate the qi in the channels and vessels.

Treatment Method

1.Apply rolling technique from the shoulder down to the elbow for 5-10 minutes.

2.Press and knead the local area of the elbow while performing range of motion passive movement of the elbow joint. Increase pressure gradually on any a shi (i.e., painful) points, paying special attention to qu chi (LI 11) and shou san li (LI 10). Also try to separate any fibrous tissues with the thumb of one s dominant hand.

3.Flex and extend the wrist joint with one hand while holding the elbow in the other.

4.Chafe the lateral side of the elbow with a medicated liniment or ointment until the local area is very warm to the touch and the patient says it feels hot. Because tennis elbow is due to microtrauma, especially in patients whose qi and blood have begun to decline due to aging, and is often complicated by external contraction of wind cold evils, such external liniments are primarily made from acrid, warm, qi-moving, blood-quickening medicilans suitable for wind cold impediment problems.

5.Use the rearranging method on the fingers, and rub, knead and shake the hands.

6.Rub/roll the whole arm from shoulder to hand.

7.Ask the patient to keep the elbow immobile for at least 24 hours.

8.Repeat this treatment every other day until the pain subsides (typically 3-6 treatments).

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