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Tuina Full Body Protocol For Dispersion-Relaxation

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Post time: 2009-04-27 14:30:16
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[b:2370c1b15b]Tuina Full Body Protocol For Dispersion-Relaxation[/b:2370c1b15b]

(as presented by Bill Helm on the 17th annual Pacific Symposium organised by Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 6th November 2005)

1.Pushing-thumbs-forehead to temples, side of nose to jaw, temples across jaw to chin.
2.Pressing-Press-release-thumbs-yintang (center of forehead ), taiyang (temples), base of skull from mastoid process to occipital fossa. GB20, B10, DU16
3.Grasping-thumb and fingers-side of neck, shoulders, arms. LI11,10,9,4
4.Passive movement-traction-linear-circular movement-fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders.
5.Pressing-palms-regulate the breath-chest, abdomen. Press down on the exhale, release pressure on inhale.
6.Grasping-thumb and fingers- rib margins(do opposite side then change sides), abdomen, legs(down only), feet. Spleen, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder channels.
7. .Passive movement-traction-toes, ankles, knees, hips.
8.Pushing-palms- hip, legs(down only).
10.Kneading-moderate-palm-back, legs.
11.Pressing-thumbs/elbows-back- along erector spinalis (Back Shu points), 1.5cun from spinous process).
14.Grasping-low back, spine, legs, feet.
15.Pushing-thumbs, palms-down the back on the Spine-Du/Governing channel, Erector spinalis-Bladder channel.
16.Pressing- thumbs-BL36,40,60.
One side at a time from top to bottom.
17.Kneading-moderate-palm-back, legs.
18.Percussion-palms- back, legs, feet.

Adapting this Protocol :

To adapt this protocol to 70 minutes-
Extend the Pressing with thumbs on the Bladder channel down the back of the legs and then add the Pressing with elbow. The Pushing with thumbs can also be extended.

To adapt this protocol to 40 minutes-
Perform either the Front of the body or Rear of the body sequence. The Front sequence can be adapted to be done without the Passive Movement -Traction sequence or it simply can be speeded up by reducing the number of repetitions of each movement.

Tonification sequences can be inserted at the appropriate segmental position corresponding to the organs.


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